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Images and footages of the South Pole deployment and the Event Horizon Telescope observations. Also take a look at the videos I filmed during the deployment to the South Pole in
Summer 2014-15
Summer 2016-17
Summer 2017-18
Summer 2018-19

I provided my South Pole footages to various documentaries and TV programs including:
- Space’s Deepest Secrets Season 2, “Black Holes: The Einstein Prophecy” (Episode 3), Discovery Science (Air date: 04/25/2017)
Science GO, YouTube
- Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 9, “Antarctica”, CNN (Air date: 06/04/2017)
- Hubble - Mission Universum (Episode 2), ServusTV, Austria/Germany (Air date: 11/11/2018)
- “How to See a Black Hole: The Universe’s Greatest Mystery”, BBC Four (Air date: 04/10/2019)
- “Black Hole Hunters”, Smithsonian Channel (Air date: 04/12/2019)

If you are interested in using my images/videos for public outreach or media coverage, please contact me. All the material cannot be used without permission.

Event Horizon Telescope observation

The South Pole

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